Corporate and Private Events

We know that most of our customers work hard. Sometimes they just need a break. Whether it’s team building, client relations, or just for fun, we have an array of options for you.

Usually, our tours fill most needs. Sometimes, those needs may be a bit more complex, or the size of the group larger than normal.

That’s when a Grape Event makes sense.

•In House Tastings

•Client Entertainment

•Team Building Events

•Blending Classes

•Vineyard Tours

•Wine Country Meetings

•Special Dinner Events

•Urban Winery Events

Depending upon your needs, we can arrange a wine country or Urban Escape for groups from 20- 200 in size. Even more.

Who would know?

Actually, quite a few of our customers. From the good people at Travel Portland to Nike. From The Disney Company to EJ Gallo and Company. From Ameriprise to TrueGreen. Even the who’s who of Baton Rouge.

Point being, they had a desire that they were finding hard to fulfill. We worked our magic to make wine country events for all. They all had a great time and left smiling.

If you have a wine themed event in mind, give us a call at 503.283.3380 to see what we can do.